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Pricing and Specifications

New construction or additions require thoughtful planning.

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Repair/Renovation Estimates

Realistic estimates for material and labor cost.

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Design & Build Services

No architect or draftsman? Our plans are classic AND contemporary.

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Property Guidance

New construction or additions require thoughtful planning.

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Property Review/Analysis

Choosing where to place your new home, septic, and driveway is important.

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Green/Energy Information

Assessing the energy efficiency of a home based on the structure, heating, cooling, and hot water systems.

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  • Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Flooring and Custom Trim
  • Windows and Doors

Change Orders


Project Specifications

It all about the details...

  • Plans and Permits
  • Options amd Upgrades
  • Timeframe
  • Budget and Estimate


After contract has been approved, the build process is ready to start. This initial stage usually involves acquiring zoning and setback information from local Town and City administration, material selection, and lot assessment.

the Job

We Never lose control of a project. Whether its small or large, simple or complex we effectively manage all stages of development. From material delivery to installation we keep you informed of the entire process.

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